Uzalo:Is Nkunzi And DK Going To Find Miss Madlala? See What’s Going To Happen

The strain is high in the roads of Kwamashu after the criminals are making a respectable attempt to ensure that they put squeeze on Miss Madlala and her companions, so they can pay how much R50K so they can deliver her.

In any case, these folks don’t know that Madongwe has detailed this issue to Nkunzi and his is determined to see as her, so he can dole out the retribution of being the adoptive parent of Kwamashu in light of the fact that he accepted that nobody can do what he satisfies locally.

It’s inevitable before Nkunzi and DK find Miss Madlala which is something that can fulfill many individuals, in light of the fact that their business is likewise striving a ton due to her nonappearance.

The police have sent off an examination on establishing this folks however they are battling a ton due to the absence of assets.






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