Uzalo|Ended in tears for Njinji after discovering that Mamba killed her husband, see details






Njinji is starting to accept now that she must move on with her life after founding out that Mamba killed her husband, and she won’t have the chance to make sure that her husband’s killer will never confess, in front of her anymore because she was killed by Nomalwazi.

Nomalwazi told her family everything last night and it was painful to see Njinji crying like this, we’re she asked them to leave her alone in the room so that she can cry and heal from this pain that is affecting her.

But Nomalwazi is still hiding something from her mother because Mamba also told her that he was not alone, when he killed her father and Nkunzi was also involved in this chaos that had caused serious pain in the family.

It looks like Nkunzi is in huge trouble because this young woman is out to get him.