Uzalo|Check pictures of Nonka gets spoiled with new car by her boyfriend



Everyone was amazed about what they saw in the drama last night because it was the first time, that someone out of nowhere bought Nonka a gift like this, after being struggling for years now and this time she had to enjoy the new car that comes straight from his new boyfriend.


Most people witnessed this last year because it happened at Kwanjomani we’re people who’re having good times at the club and also at the restaurant, and Sibonelo was also shocked to see this because he knows that he failed Nonka in the past, when she was her wife, but this time the lady had for the right guy in her life.

Hleziphe is starting to be jealous because Nonaka took this guy away from him and this car should have been bought for her, but it’s now late to regret every moment of it because she might do a bad thing.