Uzalo: Sebonelo Kidnappers Under Hot Water See How Nkunzi Going To Deal With Them

Nkunzi going to play it in a hard way Sebonelo kidnappers they will regret the day they was born.


Sebonelo is paying for Nkunzi because he is the individual who shot Vika Magwaza, they were feeling that it is over about Vika yet as of now Sebonelo could see that isn’t over,now Sebonelo needs to ask so Vika won’t fail horrendously since, assuming that he passes on, they will in like manner kill him.

Nkunzi didn’t have even the remotest clue what he wants to Vika in light of the fact that he was constantly endeavoring to satisfy him, but he took advantage of him, as of now he will mourn for everything since his youngster is seized and he could pass on anytime soon, and Gabisile will blame Nkunzi for everything since she for the most part endeavors to alert him, yet he would prefer not to tune in.





Everytime when hoodlums need to get to Nkunzi Sebonelo should be the individual who completely finishing the expense, and Nkunzi has been by and large a freed person.

Ninji knows very well that expecting that she sent her young lady to Nkunzi someone will be captivated and fall into a catch, so unfortunately Sebonelo is the individual who fell into the catch, he saw the entryway where he was not to take action.

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