Uzalo: Sebonelo fell into the trap and he might lose his life see Why

Sebonelo’s life is In danger because currently Vikas family kidnapped him, and they made it clear that if Vika dies, he will also follow him, the sad part is that, Gabisile and Nkunzi thinking that Sebonelo is safe where he is, even though Gabisile is not happy about it, Sebonelo blinded by love and ended in a wrong hands, he trusted Nomaswazi and he does not know her.



Now Sebonelo noticed that he is in the wrong hands and it is too late, Ninji used her child knowing very well that Sebonelo will fall into a trap, Gabisile will start to be worried when his son not coming home, because Ninji is not ready to allow Sebonelo to go, the only thing she needs is a Revenge.

Nomaswazi went to Njomane because she was seeking revenge,they knew very well that, Nomaswazi is a Beautiful woman and some will be impressed, either Nkunzi or Sebonelo, unfortunately Sebonelo was the one who fell into the trap.

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