Uzalo: Sbu packs up to leave KwaMashu See why

Sbu packs up to leave KwaMashu because he realised that he is in a serious trouble after noticed that Nkunzi is not dead, remember Sbu is the one who poisoned Nkunzi, and now he was thinking that Nkunzi is dead.

Things will start to change when Gabisile invites Sbu to come and meet her, Sbu was thinking that maybe Gabisile wants him to take over njomane’s business.



Sbu will be shocked to see that Nkunzi is still alive and kicking, he will think that Nkunzi will come to him for what he did, because he was also ready to change anything and take over Njomane’s business.

Sbu will think that leaving Kwa Mashu is the only way to save his own life because he knows how dangerous Nkunzi could be to his enemies.

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