Uzalo – Nosipho squares off against Nkunzi

Nkunzi (Masoja Msiza) is the most dangerous man in KwaMashu – and he has been for a while. Not many people who’ve tried to take him on have lived to tell the tale, but a brave (or foolish) Nosipho (Nompilo Maphumulo) decides to stand up to the mighty landlord.

It started when Nosipho received great news from Pastor Gwala (Menzi Biyela).

He told her that he loves her and made his intentions clear that he wants them to be in a relationship. She feels the same way, so she’s over the moon. Now Nosipho is worried that it won’t work because of her bad romance history, but she’s also willing to give this new love a try.


The romance is on fire but Nosipho is in no rush to move in when Gwala asks her to move in.



She’s already planning to build her own house and get out of the shack she lives in. The house plans and saving money has already begun, she feels having her own things and space is very important, and Pastor Gwala appreciates that about her.

Being an independent woman who helps with the children at his church isn’t the only appealing trait for Pastor Gwala – he also loves that she’s honest, even confessing her past indiscretions without fear.

But what he doesn’t think about is that his dad Nkunzi, who’s also Nosipho’s stepfather, wants them apart.

Nkunzi doesn’t approve of this relationship and wants it to end immediately, but when he tells his step-daughter, she put her foot down and tells him that he won’t control her life. This obviously infuriates him.

Nkunzi gives Nosipho an ultimatum: love or her business. Nkunzi tells Nosipho to choose between keeping The Hub (which is on his property), the one thing that makes her truly happy… and Gwala.


To spite Nkunzi, Nosipho decides to move in with Pastor Gwala, but she’s immediately uncomfortable thanks to another relative.

Gwala’s mother comes to visit and like any girlfriend, she’s scared her man’s mom may not like her. But to her surprise, Pastor Gwala’s mother is very supportive.

It’s thanks to Nosipho trying to convince Gwala to find his long-lost child and try to have a relationship with the child, the same way he did with Nkunzi and forging a father-son bond. The only problem now is a disrespected Nkunzi.