Uzalo: Nonka discovers that Kwanda slept with Hleziphe on the video

Remember Njeza tried to warn Nonka about Kwanda but Nonka was blinded by love and he didn’t listen to him,now Kwanda does not love Nonka anymore and Nonka is heart broken, this happen after Hleziphe went to traditional healer for help, as she believes that Nonka back stabbed her, Nonka didn’t know that Hleziphe could be very dangerous to her, because they are best friends.

The only mistake Nonka did is to take advantage of Hleziphe, because she took his boyfriend and thinking that Hleziphe will be fine about it, she also told Hleziphe that she does not deserve Kwanda, so Hleziphe was very worried and seeing them together it was not easy for her so that is why she took a step.




That video will make Nonka to see that Kwanda is not a loyal man and he was there to break her heart, remember if Kwanda was responsible guy, he wouldn’t sleep with Nonka’s best friend, he was supposed to think because Nonka will never like it, and it will break her heart.

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