Uzalo: Nonka and Lilly are disappointed about Kwanda see Why

Nonka and Lilly are disappointed about Kwanda because now he shows them his true colours, currently she threatening Lilly to return his drugs since he noticed that police already took them.

Nonka and Lilly was thinking that Kwanda is a sweet guy according to the way he was treating Nonka, Nonka also convinced that she found a real man and she was not willing to let him go, Remember she chose Kwanda over her friendship.



Now Kwanda kidnapped Hleziphe and Nonka is in a jail because of him, he was using Nonka so that he could sell his drugs under Nonka’s nose, and he didn’t want Nonka to see what he was doing.

Now Lilly and Nonka can see what kind of a person Kwanda he is, they also regret not listening to Hleziphe the Moment she was warning them about Kwanda.

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