Uzalo: Nomaswazi Is In Big Trouble After Nkunzi Knows What She Did See What’s Going To Happen To Her

Njinji and her family struggle subsequent to losing the man in charge, who was killed by Nkunzi and his companions who guarantee that Magwaza was not faithful to them and the main thing to do was to kill him.

Yet, after the disclosure that Nomalwazi made during the week about killing Mamba and furthermore told them, that he is the person that has admitted on killing her dad before she can shoot him during that day.


The family has now chosen to place their confidence in her since she finishes things and she isn’t apprehensive, of facing challenges for saving her family from the obligation that they are confronting.

It will be a rushed month for her since she will be attempting to win over the remainder of the family so she can appropriately respect her dad.


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