Uzalo: Njinji Is Over The Moon after Hearing Of Her Enemy’s

Hlelo wanted to leave Kwa-Mashu but the Special Investigation Unit caught her.They took her to the police station and asked her questions. She was honest to them about everything that they wanted to know. They released her and told her that she should not leave Kwa-Mashu until the case was solved.


When Sbu came back from work, he saw that Hlelo has not left yet and he was not happy. Hlelo told Sbu why she can no longer leave. Sbu was scared when he heard about the Special Investigation Unit and he told Hlelo that he will no longer work with Sbonelo.

The following day, Hlelo went to work and met with Njeza. He told her that Njinji wanted to talk to her but she refused.when she got home after work, she found Njinji in her house and she wanted answers. Hlelo told Njinji about what was happening and Njinji was happy to know that Sbonelo will soon be arrested.