Uzalo: Kwanda Wants Nonka Back But See What Hleziphe is Trying To Do

The ongoing second Hleziphe is especially angry about the standard healer because Kwanda doesn’t respect her, he put down with her, but meanwhile Kwanda isn’t by and large captivated considering the way that he regards Nonka, Hleziphe releases that her relationship with Nonka is crushed and she could lose her work, study Nonka is also her boss.

Hleziphe will take responsibility for and they will not be paralyzed be they will whenever feel that Hleziphe might be liable for their division, and Madongwa attempted to tell Nonka, yet Nonka didn’t tune considering the way that she trusts in Hleziphe obviously, ultimately she will lament trusting in her.




Kwanda will likewise go to Nonkas family and apologize for all that he did to Nonka, considering the way that he made them to convince Nonka that he truly regards her, in the long run as he was not commonly enchanted it made them to be insane with him, envisioning that he was not huge of her.

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