Uzalo – Kwanda Is Not Who Everyone Thinks He Is

Kwanda Is Not Who Everyone Thinks He Is

To everyone’s surprise Kwanda is a drug dealer. Hleziphi found out the truth about Kwanda but unfortunately everyone might not believe her as they might say she is just bitter and jealous. Nonka is drunk in love and can’t see who her boyfriend really is. Nonka won’t listen to Hleziphi. Kwanda is too dangerous like a snake in the grass.


If Nkunzi finds out about Kwanda’s dirty business he won’t let him go ahead with it. Nkunzi won’t allow him to push his dirty business in his territory. He will be forced to stop selling drugs or else Nkunzi will kill him.

I feel sorry for Nonka at first it was Sibonelo now it’s Kwanda. Nonka attracts wrong men. She is always unlucky when it comes to men. Nonka will just be hurt when she finds out that Kwanda is not what she thought he is.