Uzalo: Is Hleziphi Going To Leave Nonka Take Kwanda? See What’s Going To Happen


Hleziphi’s feelings of dread arrive at a breaking point toward the beginning of August, driving her to leave the work that Nonka gave her at the business.

In spite of the fact that Hleziphi is an individual of sketchy ethics, she wants to be engaged with drugs truly sends individuals to a position of no return, and she fears for her own life, yet for her more youthful sibling’s life too.

After her bombed relationship with Kwanda, Hleziphi dropped of the radar for some time.



As she generally does after some outrage. Yet, since getting back to KwaMashu she needs to assemble her daily routine back and experience right, in all honesty!

Being related with drugs represents an enormous danger to this objective, and she needs no part in it. She likewise attempts to caution Nonka, yet Nonka appears to be neglectful, so Hleziphi not entirely settled to get herself in the clear.

Hleziphi feels the walls surrounding her. Right now she’s been getting increasingly loud that she’s getting dubious.

Kwanda, then again, is on guard due to what he’s doing and he gets a feeling that Hleziphi is onto something. Out of that, dangers get tossed and Hleziphi understands that the nearer she is to this present circumstance, the more her life and her family are in serious peril.

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