Uzalo: Hleziphi feels the walls closing in on her

Hleziphi feels the walls closing in on her, because currently Kwanda does not want Hleziphe to resign, Kwanda noticed that Hleziphe knew something about drugs, so he does not want her to leave, he also threatening to do something bad if Hleziphe quit the job.

So Hleziphe feels like she does not have a choice, but to proceed working for Kwanda for the sake of her brother, though she knows very well what she gets herself into.


Because selling drugs is Illegal and they might end up in jail, and as long as Hleziphe still work for Kwanda knowing exactly that they are selling drugs, which mean if the police attacks them they will arrest everybody, because they are also assisting.

So Hleziphe is very worried right now and unfortunately she does not know what to do because Kwanda Force him.

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