Uzalo: Hleziphi confesses everything

Hleziphi finally confessed to Mondli and told him that Kwanda is a drug lord. Kwanda is a drug dealer and Hleziphi knows the truth. Nonka is not aware of Kwanda’s drug dealing business because she is blinded by love. Hleziphi discovered everything when a box of beauty products fell and a bottle broke with cocaine inside.



Nonka is in love with a person she barely knows and when she learns that she was lied to she will be hurt. She might end up being in trouble because she is the owner of the outlet yet Kwanda is pushing his drugs under it. Kwanda might disappear when he hears that the police are investigating and Nonka will be the one who will have to answer for something she knows nothing about. Kwanda was very wrong by hidding the truth from Nonka.

Viewers say Hleziphi is only acting out of jealousy because if she was still dating Kwanda she wouldn’t have went to the police. She is just jealous that her friend is enjoying her luxurious life, she just want to destroy Nonka’s happiness. Its funny how she is suddenly against crime yet she was doing all kinds of crime with Njeza. But after all her confession will help Nonka to finally realise who Kwanda is.