Uzalo: Hleziphe Left Disappointed After Kwanda Did This To Nonka See What She Going To Do This Time


Nonka and Kwanda’s relationship will end in tears, on the grounds that Hleziphe has returned to work and she will uncover every one of Kwanda’s mysteries, it won’t going to be simple since they won’t going to trust her.

Nonka didn’t know that Kwanda is a street pharmacist on the grounds that more often than not she doesn’t speak with clients, Nonka was not perceived the reason why a large portion of individuals they like Kwanda’s items more than her items, recall how Nonka was battling without Kwanda the second they isolated.



So the second Nonka find reality, she will presently not inspired by Kwanda, on the grounds that he is a crook, and the motivation behind why Hleziphe and Nonka battled with her companion Hleziphe it was a result of Kwanda, obviously he was playing with them, Kwanda isn’t the most ideal individual the manner in which Nonka was thinking.

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