Uzalo: Here is what will happen after Nonka prove that Kwanda is a drug dealer

Eventually Nonka will discover the truth about Kwanda and prove that it is true Kwanda is selling drugs, and Kwanda will be very angry and kidnap Hleziphe because she is the one who made Nonka aware that he is selling drugs.

So Nonka will also try to go and save Hleziphe since she didn’t want to believe her, but she will also fall into the trap because she will try to break up with Kwanda, so Kwanda will kidnap both of them, fortunately Njeza will make his way to come and rescue them but he will save Nonka not Hleziphe.




Kwanda will torture Hleziphe because of his drugs, he will blame Hleziphe for everything, remember Kwanda business was doing well, but Njeza will come again for Hleziphe and save her.

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