Uzalo: Find out who sabotaged a plan of hijacking camera trucker

Nomaswazi is the who sabotage a plan of hijacking trucker because Njinji and Vika was trying to exclude her into the deal, so she decided to sabotage them so that they could see she is the one who is in charge now, Nomaswazi is a very smart lady but Njinji keep doubting her and she trusts Vika because he is a man.

Nomaswazi wants Njinji to put her in charge so that she could do things her way, because Njinji is trusting Vika but Vika is not smarter than Nomaswazi, now she just gave them an information that they didn’t know about the they trust very much (mamba)




Njinji was supposed to allow Nomaswazi to be a part of a project because she was the one who came with an idea, and she Wouldn’t tell the police to sabotage the mission.

Another thing Vika does not want to work with Sbu and Njeza, because he does not know that they also had experience because they used to work with Nkunzi.

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