Uzalo: Find out who might be responsible for Nomaswazi’s death

Nkunzi may be responsible for Nomaswazi’s passing considering the way that right now mamba endeavored to contact him endeavoring to tell him that Nomaswazi is endeavoring to do an assessment, since he wouldn’t confess all with her and mindfulness her not to go on with assessment since her father was locked in with various risky men.




So Mamba was a frightened considering the way that he doesn’t keep up with that reality ought to end up being undeniable, Vika and Njinji in like manner knows reality, yet they would prefer not to tell Nomaswazi, remember Vika was continuously endeavoring to work with Nkunzi so he could wrap up with him, but Nkunzi dismissed considering the way that he knows precisely careful thing he did to Magwaza so he feels that it very well may be a catch.

The Reason why Vika and njinji wants to tell Nomaswazi they understand she could completely finish shock and completed dead.

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