Uzalo: Finally Vika Is Ok But See How Nkunzi Going To Deal With Nomaswazi And Save Sebonelo

Vika is back and Sebonelo may be a liberated individual considering the way that Ninji held onto Sebonelo trying to make a Revenge, after Nkunzi shot Vika , Ninji guaranteed Sebonelo that he will pass on expecting that Vika flops wretchedly, so eventually Vika is getting along extraordinarily and I figure they will let him go






Sebonelo grieve for the everyday timetable that he is experiencing and he supported Nomaswazi that he needs to change, since he understands that he could finished the most common way of passing on recall now they took Sebonelo for second time and every one of them they continue to enlighten him with respect to Nkunzi, so it is clearly that Sebonelo pay for Nkunzis sin.

So at this point Sebonelo could totally change himself considering the way that in the end he could pass on, before long he is fortunate considering the way that Vika still alive, yet they similarly shot him so he could hear the compounding.

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