Uzalo: Finally Mamba tells Nomazwa truth and he will pay with his life

Finally Mamba tells Nomaswazi truth and He will pay with his life because Nomaswazi will kill him, Mamba made a huge mistake to go to Nkunzi after escaping to Magwaza’s because the reason why they let him go, it is because they wanted to see his moves, so now Nomaswazi realised that Nkunzi is also involved because she saw them together.


Nomazwa knew that Mamba hide something, but she was not sure, and her research was not enough were she could just to conclusion, now as she saw that Mamba was the one who killing her father, she will deal with him, Mamba will take Nomaswazi lightly because she is a Girl, but she will shocked him, Nomaswazi will come for Nkunzi after finishing with Mamba and Nkunzi does not have a fear, because he is always prepared for them.

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