Uzalo: Finally Kwanda will be arrested see what happened

Finally Kwanda will be arrested, because Njeza decided to go and face Kwanda after getting his information about his location, Lilly was not interested and she didn’t want to involve the police until Njeza tell her that he is following him.

As Njeza is promising to deal with Kwanda, he will confront him, but things will never be easy as the way he was thinking, because Kwanda will fight Njeza.


But fortunately the police will come and fight Kwanda while he was fighting with Njeza and arrest him, the police will have to thank Njeza for doing their job because it seems like they made a huge mistake to let the suspect go because he was working with Kwanda and he knew where he was.

Nonka will be very happy because they will set her free after arresting Kwanda.

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