Uzalo Actress Spotted Selling Hotdogs At Taxi Rank Which Left People Talking On Social Media

Noxolo Mathula, a well-known South African actress best known for portraying Lily in the acclaimed SABC 1 series “Uzalo,” has provided an explanation of her motivation for her side business.

The celebrity claimed that she is not selling hot dogs on the street and at taxi stands to make more money but rather because her television show is paying her less.








Noxolo also pleaded with her fans not to judge or despise her because she is only trying to make ends meet.

Celebrities are frequently portrayed as the high and mighty who lead extravagant lifestyles. When they witness a celebrity hustling on the street, fans frequently find it difficult to believe.

Noxolo Mathula is a celebrity who, despite what people say behind her back, won’t let her social standing stop her from promoting her hotdog hustle at taxi ranks and in the streets.

Noxolo Mathula recently disclosed that she is not selling hot dogs because she has struck rock bottom but rather because she wants to make extra money. The actress described her hotdog stand venture to Daily Sun as just one of her side jobs.

Noxolo Mathula further disclosed that she is promoting the company utilizing her notoriety. The celebrity revealed that the majority of her clients are fans who watch her on television and then patronize her hotdog stand.