Uzalo Actor Looks Back At His Humble Beginnings With A Rare Photo Of Himself

Uzalo Actor Looks Back At His Humble Beginnings With A Rare Photo Of Himself

A throw back on a Tuesday night shows how far Wiseman Mncube has come.

Uzalo actor Wiseman Mncube goes on a memory lane as he look back on his humble beginings. They say we all have to start somewhere, each and everyone will have to face certain challenges in order to make our dreams a reality. In most cases photos comes as a reminder of where we come from, they show the progress we have made through life, growth and a good life can be depicted through the camera lenses. Uzalo actor proves that a good life can transforms ones appearance.




Wiseman portrays Sibonelo on the SABC 1 popular telenovela Uzalo, the actor has been praised for his acting abilities, his role on Uzalo has gained him a number of fans. He has appeared on a couple of South African dramas on the small screen since breaking in the entertainment industry. The 32 year posted an old photo of himself that was taken when he was busy trying to make his dreams a reality.

He stated that this picture was taken when he was still a dreamer, he motivated his followers that dreams have a way of becoming a reality if only you believe in your dreams. He poke fun of his head comparing it to an emoji.

“When I was still a dreamer. I’m now a bigger dreamer cause I know it’s possible. It is possible if you believe In What is yours…it’s only a matter of time. Kodwa ikhanda bhuti ngathi ileh imoji🙏🏾”

The actor recently shared a house of his that was still in construction, he stated that his father taught him about the importance of having your own place to called home.

” When was still studying my dad always reminded me that the house I’m staying in it’s his house, they will come a time where he will say “ndoda you have over stayed your time in my house”. And as far as I’m staying in his house I will always be called Wiseman not Mncube. I will be called Mncube the day I have my own house. And he will be proud to witness his boys (since we are 5, boys only)expanding the Mncube household with houses and kids.

I’ve always held that in my heart and today here I am well not yet done but getting there.

“You must find a place inside yourself where nothing is impossible. When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.””