Uzalo actor: I am not scared, it’s just acting.

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Uzalo entertainer: I’m not terrified, it’s simply acting!

Cebolenkosi Mthembu said his personality’s ongoing storyline on Uzalo has demonstrated that he’s great at what he does. Photograph from Facebook

CEBOLENKOSI Mthembu said watcher responses to his new storyline on Uzalo have left him glad for his acting abilities.

He assumes the part of Criminal investigator Nyawo, a bad cop who has tossed his station leader Mondli, played by Thembinkosi Thwala (35), under the transport.

The 38-year-old entertainer from Manguzi, northern KZN, told Day to day Sun his family had cautioned him to be cautious on the roads since watchers can’t stand his personality.

“At the point when you expert playing a person, it turns out to be genuine to certain individuals. It’s appalling since it could put you in harm’s way,” he said.

“In any case, as an entertainer, I’m exceptionally glad to see watchers being amazed by my personality’s ongoing storyline. I’m not terrified of being harmed, however pleased with myself.”

His personality Nyawo takes significant agendas from the police headquarters storeroom and when commonplace police pioneers investigate the station, they’re stunned to find agendas and proof missing.


As the pioneer, Mondli is considered responsible and captured for defilement and Nyawo gets selected as acting station commander. The series of occasions has disturbed watchers such a lot of that some of them have taken to online entertainment to say they can’t stand Nyawo.

Cebolenkosi said his family is stressed over his security.

“My mom realizes I’m simply acting however she’s from a country region and realizes many individuals are not edified about specific things,” he said.

“She called me and cautioned me to be cautious in the city, expecting that Mondli’s fans could go after me yet I have guaranteed her that she doesn’t have to stress. I’m just acting and I requested that she be pleased with her child.”

He said watchers would be shocked by the u[coming improvements on the show.

“Nyawo has forever been bad, yet his day is coming,” he said.

Cebolenkosi Mthembu said his character’s current storyline on Uzalo has proved that he’s good at what he does. Photo from Facebook