Uyajola9/9| He married other women while i am still married to him and i am still here” woman claims

She reveals who her husband really is on the national television

She wrote to Uyajola9/9 because her husband has been cheating her since they got married. She reveals that before getting married to her husband she was also a side woman, and luckily he married her.


She revealed that her husband got other women pregnant after he married her. He also married other women that he got pregnant because he wanted a polygamy marriage and it did not work. This woman has been through a lot but she is still here fighting for her marriage to work.

She has 3 kids with him and she wants their children to have a father. She is beautiful and she does not deserve to be treated with such disrespect. Mr X was able to solve their issue because the husband went back home with his wife and left the side woman.