UthandoNesthembu: MaKhumalo Puts Everyone In Their Place

It is all about drama and family politics and whatever you might want to call in the Mseleku household and we finally got to know who’s voice has not been loud enough. One thing that we know is that MaKhumalo has always shown support to her husband and sister wives.There is obviously some sort of an understanding there, even though it does not seem like it most of the time, we have to understand that these people are a family. At the end of the day, they have each others’ back and we might see this when someone else gets to be part of the family.



If you watched the latest episode of the show, you know that MaKhumalo considers the incoming MaKhumalo a sister. And to all those who are expecting things to take a dirty turn, you just might be disappointed because it really does not seem like MaKhumalo has a problem with Mseleku’s Khumalo girlfriend.

Maybe she is a bit worried about the adjustments that will have to be made, but other than that, she is quite keen to be open to the changes that might happen very soon.

She even mentioned that she wanted to have a conversation with the girlfriend and it seems like that might be interesting. However, we will have to wait and see if Mseleku will allow this to happen, he has been calling the shots a lot lately, even though it seems like he asks permission from his wives.

What ends up happening in the end is what he wanted, so it is more like he just wants suggestions from his wives, they barely have anything to say about what their husband does.

It has been hard, especially for MaKhumalo, it is like she does not have a say in a lot of things. But then again, we will never fully understand how they go about doing things, families are different, no wife has left. Surely, there is a lot that Mseleku does right, and sometimes it is best to just not comment on some things because the Mseleku makes his wives unhappy and then make them happy again.


A lot of people take to twitter every Thursday night to complain about how unfair Mseleku is, but what do the wives think about him, though?Do they even complain as much as the viewers do? Probably not because in some instances, there is not need to paint Mseleku as the bad guy when his wives think he is not.

We recently found out that MaKhumalo agrees with her husband regarding the matter of the girlfriend and in a way, this was like MaKhumalo put everyone in their place. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts. Go to