Uthando Nesthembu:Musa Mseleku Made Obviously He Won’t Pay Much Else See What Will Happen

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On the new episode of Uthando Nesthembu which flowed on DSTV channel 103, we saw that Musa Mseleku’s daughter Mpilo invited both MaKhumalo and Musa to examine changing her family name, which has not yet happened and it has been pulling for a really long time.

In the past episode, Mpilo and MaKhumalo discussed the issue of changing Mpilo’s family name. The support behind this is in light of the fact that she has to know why there is a deferral. She is exhausted on going around erratically and it seems like she by and by really should understand what is deferring the course of her changng her family name.

Mpilo uncovered that she once tended to her mother Thobile Mseleku and grandmother about this last name issue and they told her that not all things have been paid for and they envision that the highest point of the Mseleku family, Musa Mseleu entirely to pay lobola. Mpilo in like manner revelaed that they told her that Musa Mseleku knows that he very to pay lobola, yet he will not.


He has proactively paid hurts, and the money that the Zungu’s are further referencing, he won’t settle up.

It presently seems like the Zungu’s are endeavoring to deceive Musa Mseleku becasue they are grabbing a possible opportunity to help extra money from him through Mpilo.

It seem like Musa is staying by his decision of not paying the lobola that the Zungu’s are examining for Mpilo to change her last name to Mseleku. As I might want to think, what im getting away from this is that Musa Mseleku isn’t willing to mull over the Zungu’s need lobola to be paid. On Musa’s side, he has recently paid for the damages so he doesn’t see the support behind him to pay lobola too and I agree with this because according to the Zulu culture, you can change your family name accepting that they have paid hurts for you.

Do you envision that Musa Mseleku is going with the most ideal choice by not profoundly wanting to pay more lobola for Mpilo to change her suname? Visit with us in the comments and let us know yiur contemplations on this.

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