Uthando Nes’thembu: Viewers disappointed by Sne Mseleku’s neglect of her child

Uthando Nes’thembu is a reality show on Mzansi Magic that shines the light on the Mseleku family and how they navigate the polygamy lifestyle. Its filled with hilarious and heartwarming moments. However this week viewers were irritated by Sne’s antics.

Sne has been revealed to be pregnant yet again! It was shocking that she chose to fall pregnant yet again after trying to mend fences with her father like she had. She confessed this quite flippantly and had no regard for the reality of having yet another child.



However that isn’t all that had people shocked. It was revealed that although MaCele, her stepmother, gave her a house to stay in. She does not take care of her child that she lives with. It was strange to hear her confess this in a relaxed tone.

Viewers were greatly disappointed in her and took to Twitter to share.

One user wrote, “#Uthandonesthembu Khona into e off ngo Sne. I was puzzled when she said she’s happy MaCele gave her her house emzumbe cause she can sleep and wake up whenever she wants and yet she has a young child ophila ngama (who constantly eats) noodles 💔 engathi uSne needs professional help.”

While another user wrote, “Sne can’t take care of her other children,Yet she keeps falling Pregnant and getting kids she now even lying and denying her been Pregnant she twisted #Uthandonesthembu”

A final user wrote, “I’m not ok after hearing that Sne is under-feeding her second child 😳 this can’t be right. Sne isn’t fit to take care of anyone including herself. And she said it herself, she only cooks soft porridge once a month 😅 no maan! Mseleku must intervene #Uthandonesthembu”

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Source: Uthando Nes’thembu on Mzansi Magic DSTV channel 161