Uthando Nesthembu: viewers are not impressed with one of Mseleku’s wife MaNgwabe

“Musa Mseleku’s “third wife has already been featured in six episodes of the new “Uthando Nesthembu “season, yet audiences are still reacting strongly to her.” MaNgwabe “has come under fire because the public believes she is a big problem this season.


“MaNgwabe “Continues To Be The Danger Zone for the “Mseleku “household as it first “MaNgwabe “threatened to leave the polygamy marriage as their husband” Msusa Mseleku “wanted to take wife number 5. It caused a stir as viewers expressed that she does not have a right to dictate “Mseleku “when and when not to take another wife as she got herself in “Isthembu “knowing very well what it’s all about.





Viewers have voiced serious complaints about “MaNgwabe’s “extreme control and lack of interest in a variety of issues brought up at the “Mseleku “home. Furthermore, some have even requested “Musa Mseleku “to release “MaNgwabe “from her current situation since they believe that she is not giving this season her all.

“Mangwabe “not feeling the marriage #Uthandonesthembu,” commented “King Bongz”.

Taking to Twitter, people are clearly not thrilled about the way “MaNgwabe “is conducting herself. They say it’s as if she is tired of the marriage and she is doing everything to make “Mseleku “to be fed up with her so she can end up leaving the marriage.

“Mangwabe “has been fighting “Mseleku “and the wives lately, she has been on everyone’s case of late. “MaNgwabe “also complained about the issue of wanting to be her own woman a career woman as it is known that she is one of “Musa Mseleku “wives who are working for their money on the other hand.

“Mangwabe “struggle to make meet ends and being as a career woman and a wife as she failed to even fetch kids from the school and that upsets” Mseleku”. She was not remorseful about it and started blaming the other wives.