Uthando Nes’thembu: Viewers accuse MaKhumalo of enabling Mseleku’s bad behaviour

Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku is married to Musa Mseleku and was the third woman he chose to join his plural family. Their dynamic is not one that is easy to watch on Uthando Nes’thembu. It always appears as though Thobile would throw her sister wives under the bus even in instances where she knows Musa is wrong.

It was clear this week that Thobile will never stop being on her husbands side. In a conversation about her sister wives, she was still trying to make them seem like the only bad people in order to appease Mseleku. Even the issue of the fifth wife doesn’t seem to faze her at all. She is… overly supportive.

It is likely normal to have your partners back, but for me, a part of love is being able to be honest. It seems that Thobile will keep quiet and allow Mseleku to act as recklessly as he pleases without any real circumstances to it. It will only make him a worse husband and not better.




People weren’t happy with Thobile and how she enables Musa.

One viewer wrote, “Vele (of course) Musa will say every man needs a MaKhumalo, what man wouldn’t want a wife ovumelana (who agrees) with all the rubbish he says #uthandonesthembu”

While another user wrote, “MaKhumalo is the wife Mseleku tests his limits with. That man doesn’t rate her at all. #Uthandonesthembu”

One livid viewer wrote, “Whooo!! Makhumalo would even sell her soul for this man hey!😳…🚮🚮#Uthandonesthembu”

A final viewer wrote, “A whole year without sleeping with your husband, so he can bond with the new woman in his life….no maan! Musa is taking advantage of Makhumalo’s infertility problem. #Uthandonesthembu”

I think Thobile loves her husband and that isn’t a crime. However, her people pleasing tendencies don’t help and only exacerbate something that is really wrong. Perhaps she needs to tone it down a little bit.