Uthando Nes’thembu: Musa Mseleku refuses to pay more money for Mpilo’s name change ceremony

olygamy, to be more precise, Musa Mseleku’s family. They show us what it really means to have a polygamist household and it isn’t easy at all. This time, we got to see Mpilo take centre stage and her struggles as an out of wedlock child are clear.

Mpilo is the adoptive daughter of Thobile Mseleku. She raised her despite her own biological mother being alive and for all intents and purposes, has been in the primary care of her father. This is likely why he refused to have to yet again pay to have his daughter’s name changed.

I don’t often agree with Mselelu, in fact, I’m most likely to be found in his opposition. But in this case i expressly understood his stance on this. Mpilo’s maternal family seem to be on a quest to deny her the right to change her name, despite having never truly been there for her growing up.




This angered viewers quite a bit and they took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the family.

One user wrote, “Mpilo’s family is being unreasonable especially considering the fact her father is already her primary caregiver. #Uthandonesthembu”

While another user wrote, “Musa raised, financed and took care of Mpilo since birth I believe and she lived with her dad since forever so why is her family still asking for more when her Dad took care of her financially from the beginning?? #UthandoNesthembu”

A final user clarified the process and wrote, “Inhlawulo is for the mom. For impregnating her without having asked for her, officially. Once you want to change is’bongo, you have to lobola the child, separately. I think Mpilo’s mom didn’t understand that initially. But now they know & want to do it right. #Uthandonesthembu”