Uthando Nesthembu| Musa Mseleku kicks out Sne from his house after being pregnant for the 3rd time

Sne keeps on pushing his father’s buttons

MaCele called out Musa Mseleku to tell him that his daughter Sne is pregnant again. Sne is now expecting her 3rd baby with her new boyfriend. Musa Mseleku was defeated when he heard the news about her daughter disappointing him.



Sne always has different excuses when she falls pregnant. She tell her father that the first time she got pregnant it was because she was sexually harassed when she was young. On her second pregnancy she says her boyfriend was abusive and now she says her current boyfriend is loving and treats her right.

Sne really needs help because she cannot keep on falling pregnant like this, because she is still young and her siblings are busy studying and graduating. Musa Mseleku needs to help his daughter and not kicking him out of his house. He needs to take Sne to the social workers.

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