Uthando Nesthembu| Mpilo Mseleku now looks like her step mother Thobile Khumalo

One thing that people have noticed is that Musa Mseleku has beautiful children. Some of his children look exactly like him but they still look beautiful. Musa Mseleku revealed yesterday that he has 8 children with his wives, and from other girlfriends that he never married.



Mpilo is one of the children who grew up from her mother’s side of her family. Then Musa Mseleku took her to live with Thobile and she raised her to be this beautiful young woman today. Thobile did great by raising her. Viewers are saying that Mpilo now looks like Thobile like she is her real mother and it is beautiful to watch.

Thobile might not be able to have her own children but she proved that she can be a good mother. Mpilo loves her because they have so much in common and spent a lot of time together.

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