Uthando Nes’thembu: MaCele implies Mseleku children have abnormalities

Uthando Nes’thembu is a show on Mzansi Magic that follows business man and reality television host Musa Mseleku. He shares his battles as a polygamous man and it is often a point of great humour to witness. This week though, viewers were able to get into a rather difficult topic.

There have been speculations since Sne’s latest pregnancy announcement that something is off about her. No one was expecting MaCele to say the words for herself though and it made viewers dissect what that could mean. They all noticed that the Mseleku children vary too much.




MaCele said this directly in reference to Sne but it can be applied to MaNgwabe’s child with the speaking disability and MaCele’s eldest son who rarely has anything to say. Perhaps there is something more to investigate about her words.

Viewers were discussing the implication of this revelation on Twitter.

One user wrote, “There are lot of abnormalities in his genes🙃 MaCele is definitely not lying #Uthandonesthembu”

While another user wrote, “When MaCele spoke about Abnormalities, i fully understand first it was Sne, now it Mpumelelo introducing two girlfriends 😂😂#Uthandonesthembu”

One user wrote, “”ku ma-genes akhe ave emaningi ama abnormalism (His genes have a lot of abnormalities)” I’ve been waiting for this scene all week🤣. Dankie MaCele #Uthandonesthembu”

A final user wrote, “What Macele said about the abnormalities, ey Angazi (I don’t know) man. I wonder if they’re doing anything about this #Uthandonesthembu”

It was unclear whether this was a claim MaCele has fully investigated but she did seem quite adamant about it and viewers agreed with her.

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