Uthando Nesthembu| “he failed when it comes to Sne” Mzansi reacts to Musa showing love to his kids

He really failed her

Viewers loved the episode from last night, some expressed their feelings about how Mseleku loves his children and always supportive towards them. Some of the viewers had different opinions about it.


They say Mseleku failed to give Sne the love he gives to his other children. Even his wives can see that there is something not normal about Sne. Before they left to go on vacation, Musa said he will give Sne a silent treatment because they will end up fighting again. I mean… who does that to their child, Sne needs his father’s love and patience.

I think these viewers are right, Mseleku loves his other children more because they don’t give him problems like Sne. Sne could be affected by the sexual harassment trauma when she was young. Mseleku must love her and speak to her as his father, because she needs him.

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