Uthando Nesithembu: A throwback photo of Musa and Mayeni; he says their love ages like fine wine

During the latest episode of ‘Uthando Nesthembu’ maYeni and Musa Mseleku were celebrating their birthdays; in a fun filled and light-hearted event.

In the latest episode of; Uthando Nesthembu; the family is dealing with Sne’s third pregnancy out of wedlock. The family is tackling more issues facing the overall Mseleku clan.

Musa Mseleku; the head of the polygamous family; thinks that one of her daughters Sne; is supporting the father of her children; with the allowance he gives her; to support her children.

Mseleku suggested that; it might be a good idea; to cut her off financially; because he suspected that; she was splurging the money on her boyfriend; instead of the kids.

The latest episode of the reality show; aired on DSTV’s; 1 Magic; on Thursday night; it began with Mseleku celebrating his second wife; MaYeni’s birthday; they went out for dinner. 

MaYeni and Mseleku have not been seeing eye to eye; this season; following talks and arguments; over Mseleku’s need to introduce a fifth wife. 

Her birthday celebration was; however; light-hearted. Mseleku played the piano and serenaded MaYeni; in an futile attempted to sing; however; she was grateful for his kind gesture; as well as the effort on his part; to make the day special.

Mseleku said; he thought; their love was now like wine; adding that; it was maturing with time. Mseleku said their love is beautiful. 




In another scene; the Mseleku women agreed that Sne needs to get on birth control or probably insert an implant. This conversation happened after; the first wife MaCele had informed the sister wives that; Sne is pregnant.

These news did not go down well with the other wives; because they felt left out by Sne; who did not breathe a word to them about her condition. 

During this discussion; MaNgwabe; who is a nurse suggested that; Sne should be sterilised; however; her idea was quickly dismissed by MaYeni and the others.

The wives then began organising their husband’s birthday; where they agreed on a family picnic and family day. 

The first wife; MaCele did not join the outing; due to her feeling under the weather. During the outing; the family enjoyed zip line activities; and had a day full of laughter.

Towards the end of the episode; Mseleku told his clan that; he never used to celebrate his birthdays; prior to meeting his wives; however; now he has an understanding of their importance.

This was followed by his youngest children reading out a birthday message; wherein; they told him how much they love him. 

‘uThando Nesthembu’: MaYeni and Musa Mseleku’s love ‘ageing like fine wine’

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