Updates on#SkeemSaam: There’s Another Untimely Death In Turf.

The character of Alfios was rushed out though, the whole loan shacks thing and him running from police is not much like Alfios. Viewers have been asking questions about his death and why he is exiting in the show. The previous episode has is been eventful, #SkeemSaam solidifying their place as number 1 show on TV.

We have watched Alfios from the start when he was still working for Charles Kunutu. We watched him grow in the show until now when he is about to become another load shack after Dragon. Alfios was working towards taking over Dragon’s business, and his competitor was going to be Charles Kunutu.



According to the news in social media, it was revealed that Muvhango actor Gabriel who is known as the Chief of Thathe will be showing the show very soon as a brother of Dragon. In other source it was revealed that he is going to take over Dragon’s business where he will be playing a dangerous man in Turf.

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