Uninvited Guest Arrived At The Funeral Of Lindiwe Ngema In #etvScandal. See Who Attended The Funeral

Uninvited Guest Arrived At The Funeral Of Lindiwe Ngema In #etvScandal. See Who Attended The Funeral









It’s the day of the funeral of Lindiwe Ngema in Scandal and everyone has gathered to pay their last respect. The video of the funeral is currently circulating in social media where many people went in number to send messages in Facebook page.

The mourners have arrived as they prepare for Lindiwe’s funeral tonight on #etvscandal. In the video, many of her colleagues went in numbers to celebrate the special day set. We also saw many people which some we don’t recognize gathered together to celebrate the exist of Lindiwe Ngema.

The actress Nomvelo Makhanya is known for playing the character of Lindiwe Ngema in EtvScandal. The actress has left the show for sme other reasons. It was revealed in one of the source that the actress has left EtvScandal because she want to focus on her relationship.

Nomvelo Makhanya become popular for playing the character of Lindiwe Ngema. Those who were working with her in etvScandal and behind the scene known Calle Lindiwe in different names, some by her name, others called her Malindi and Mamas.

Lindiwe was one of a clever and slay queen who rose above all odds in all times, even though her childhood was hard, as she was misunderstood as a teenager and daughter she is. Despite all that, she took great risks to pave way for her great future. She was a wonderful partner to Nhlaks and a wonderful stepmom to his kids, she was a faithful and an honest friend to Mary and others, and a hardworking ambitious queen.

Her exist in the show has left many people heartbroken. We have watched her grow on Scandal and she have grown to become a very beautiful actress.

Send your message saying farewell to Lindiwe. Don’t forget to watch Scandal.