Uncle Waffles spotted wearing sneakers that cost over 15K each pair

Uncle Waffles is one the South African musicians who are doing better for themselves and away from their native country. It seems like when you want to make more big, going to Europe is the option you should take. She is now seen wearing expensive sneakers that is more than someone’s basic salary. Wearing such expensive sneakers is where she in life.

Her lifestyle improvement was bound to change the moment she got signed by Drake. It was a huge elevation in her life and when you are earning internationally currency, then your lifestyle should change. It is a choice and it does have to become binding to you and what is important is to live your most preferred lifestyle. She is having the time of her life.




Relocating to Europe has been something quite amazing and she is now having a residency at BBC radio. The more she keeps getting more opportunities in Europe, then she would not come to her home country very soon. Many people have been living in their preferred country in Europe because they are having more and constant opportunities. Coming back home is not an option for them.

There has been a rumour or some reports suggesting that she has a partner. She is now dating and it has been something not known since her rise to fame. If you are now famous, more people will have an interest in your lifestyle and if you are doing something that will make you famous, you should be expecting to see yourself on social media all the time. It is not confirmed even though it was because of a picture from her phone.

She is not the first person, as Musa Khuwula reports, to complain about how much they are wearing. That is why DJ Blackcoffee has seen it and does not want to reveal the name of his clothes’ brands. Sometimes someone like Musa has more time to find out about that shoe or jeans you are wearing. Once he knows that brand name, it becomes very simple to check its prices.