Unathi shares nice pictures from Sandton Convention center. Check all her photos

She was at the Sandton Conversation center and her followers loved the pictures. They are beautiful indeed, and when it comes to the city itself, it is very famous for having rich people living in the city. When you are living in the city, it is expected that you are able to afford the lifestyle of that place and your appearance should also tell.


With the events held in Sandton, they are very expensive and your lifestyle will be exposed to high-balling lifestyle. But it is with no pressure if you are not going to compete with people who are high-balling lifestyle and you know that you can only have fun at month end. What is important is to know your income and how much you allocate for entertainment.

With Unathi, she is well placed with finance and she is able to maintain that high lifestyle. But then again, it does not mean that you have to become reckless when it comes to spending your money.

South Africans are not happy with people who are living an expensive lifestyle and later on want to have donations from people or the public. She must be aware that times are tough in South Africa, and no one will willingly assist someone who flaunts an expensive lifestyle and then goes bankrupt. That is the reaction to Zahara’s tough times and told that she made money from her hit songs.

That is why many people are rich, but then you will not know if you don’t know about them. Even if they are low in their lifestyle, it will not be noticed because they are living a low profile. Their is nothing wrong with having that expensive lifestyle, but you should be thinking of the toughest duration of your life. Good luck to Unathi with her glamorous lifestyle.