Unathi Nkayi shares a picture with her divorced friends Minnie, Zizo and Melanie

They say that birds of the same feather flock together. Which is true in some cases because people hang out together because they have similar things in common. It is easy for them to relate to each other. In some cases they don’t even have anything in common.

Minnie Dlamini recently joined the divorcee gang. Minnie was married to Quinton Jones, whom she has a son with. She surprised everyone when she announced their divorce. But nothing is stopping her as she’s just launched her own business called The Mansion. This comes after she announced the end of Homeground.





Minnie’s friends and family were there to support her. The likes of singer and radio presenter Unathi Msengana, Zizo Tshwete and Melanie Bala were there. She’s very close with them and they have become family over the years. Now all these beautiful ladies are divorcees. Maybe it is something that they have in common as well. It is good to them standing by each other.