Unathi celebrates her first love’s birthday

Unathi Nkayi takes to social media to celebrate her first love, who appears to be her father.

The radio personality penned down a short note to celebrate her dad, revealing that she’s called to sing him a birthday song this morning.

She also revealed that her cousin shares the same birth date with her dad, hence, it’s double celebration in her family.

“My first love, my father was born today a while back. We are the same person in spirit and psychology. I sang to him this morning as he was on our holy ground kwiXhanti lase khaya eRhini and told him I thank UThixo namanyange ethu NGAYE. In the second pic is my cousin uPolo who also shares a birthday with my father. It’s a great day for us. CAMAGU PS I still have the apron……just took off a cuppla beads,” she captioned snaps.