Umndeni: What Viewers Noticed About Dabula’s Dress

Umndeni is a South African show that is based on the lifestyle of a man (Maseko) who is married to both women and men. He stays with all of them under the same roof. Some have since left him, and some are still with him.

The show plays every Saturday on Mojalove, and it has had a number of seasons. There has been a number of people who have complained about the current season. They say it is boring, and no longer as entertaining as the previous seasons.




Dabula is one of Maseko’s partners, and he is one of the two remaining members of the LGBTQI community in the relationship. He is known to be outspoken by viewers. They are also very entertained by him and the things he does on the show. On today’s episode, they were burying one of the people who once stayed with Maseko as well, Lwazi.

He had a close relationship with Lwazi, and he seemingly had a strong bond. Dabula showed up at a funeral wearing a dress, that most viewers believed was not suitable for a funeral. What did you think about his dress?