Umndeni: This Was Noticed About Dabula And MaMkhulu After Kim Arrived, See Here

The sudden change that we have seen in the latest episode could mean that there will be problems in the Maseko family, the viewers have already noticed a lot about Kim’s return.

Everything seems to be going just fine, but there is no telling if things will be as they are on the very next episode.

Maseko’s new girlfriend, Kim got back after the fight that happened between her and her boyfriend’s wives, and now that there were proper introductions made, viewers might be wondering if there will really be peace?



MaMkhulu and Dabula interacted with Kim, prior to that, there was a meeting that addressed how things will be.

However, the viewers noticed that Dabula and MaMkhulu seemed threatened by Kim, the viewers seem to think that the two are pretending as if they have accepted her when they have not.

Now, for some viewers, it is obvious that Kim is very different from the women that Maseko used to date and this could be a problem for Dabula and MaMkhulu.

As the viewers have seen, Maseko was acting a bit different when Kim was around, it is like it was his first time falling in love.

And he might spend more time with her, now that she has moved in with them, as to whether this is a concern for the Maseko wives, we will have to wait and see what happens.

When Kim got there, we saw how Dabula treated her and the viewers did not like that Dabula was asking Kim to do unnecessary things.

The viewers mentioned that there was no need for Dabula to ask Kim to do laundry, she was not even given an opportunity to settle in.

She had to do the laundry and what impressed some of the viewers is the fact Kim did everything Dabula asked her to do.

Had she refused, then this would have given Dabula a reason to be more harsh on her, it seems like Kim knows why she is at the Masekos.

She is there for Maseko and she has no reason to be going back and forth with Dabula and MaMkhulu, but it is going to be interesting to see how long she will be able to keep this up because Dabula and MaMkhulu might do something that will force out a reaction from her.

There were a lot of wives at the Maseko household, a lot of them ended up leaving, as for Kim, she seems ready for whatever that she might face.

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