Umndeni: This Is The Real Reason Why Maseko Kicked Malwandle Out, See This

We have actually heard a lot about Maseko and Malwandle’s relationship and we still continue to get some new information now that Malwandle has passed on.

And then there some things that are being revealed now that a lot of people saw on the show, but there are bound to be things that some viewers missed.

There are incidents that took place that a lot of viewers do not know about, especially when it comes to how Malwandle’s life changed after she left Kolobe.

We witnessed a lot of drama regarding that move, there were probably times when viewers thought that there would never be peace in the Maseko household. A lot happened, there are problems in every family and for the longest time, Malwandle was stuck in the middle.





Maseko and Kolobe were not seeing eye to eye, Kolobe was left by Malwandle, so he was definitely not happy about that, then he was kicked out of the show and this probably made things even worse.

Now, viewers saw how Malwandle acted when she was with Kolobe, she was not really herself, one could tell how her mood would change every time Kolobe walks into a room.

And this probably affected Malwandle, there is probably more to her decision to leave Kolobe. But, we know that Kolobe was controlling, he always wanted things to be done his way and he probably never thought that he would end up losing Malwandle.

When Maseko decided to take care of Malwandle, everything was going well, till he got to a position where he had to choose between Malwandle and Fezile.

Basically, Maseko kicked Malwandle out after she fought with Fezile, some viewers thought that the two were both in the wrong and could not understand why Malwandle was the only one who was kicked out.

There were viewers who aired out their views, they mentioned that there has always been favouritism in the Maseko household.

They thought that Fezile got away with a lot and Malwandle was regarded as the troublemaker, hence she ended getting kicked out, but if we are honest, for everything that happened, both Malwandle and Fezile did wrong.

There were a lot of instances where they provoked each other, it is unfortunate that everything happened in the way it did.

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