Umndeni: MaMkhulu Calls The Late Malwandle A Liar And Says They’re In A Mess Because Of Her

It looks like everyone has been vocal about what they think about Malwandle, the focus has been mostly on the memorial service and the conversation is far from ending.

Kolobe shocked a lot of people because of what he said on the latest episode of the show, he decided to go to Malwandle’s memorial service regardless of what happened.

It is known that he does not get along with the Masekos, him showing up at the service could cause a lot problems and it does not matter whether the Masekos wanted Kolobe there or not.

People are keen to see what Kolobe will do, we saw the look from MamKhulu, she looked annoyed when she saw Kolobe.

Earlier on, MamKhulu was talking about Kolobe and how he is greedy and selfish and she went into how Kolobe and Malwandle went about doing things alone, now they are left with the mess.

It is obvious that MamKhulu is always willing to fight for her family, but she went about doing that in the wrong way, she did not have to say that Malwandle was a liar.

Some people appreciated that she was expressing how she felt, but then again, it is also not necessary to start talking about Malwandle when she is not there to speak for herself.

If anything, it is really unfair, it is understandable with Kolobe because Kolobe will most likely watch the episode and he will clarify any misunderstanding.

But what about Malwandle? If her name gets tarnished, then that is that, even Malwandle’s family can try to defend her, but it is almost pointless because they were never part of the Maseko marriage or the Kolobe marriage.

So, it will look like the family is defending what they do not even know about, this is why MamKhulu should have kept that comment to herself, at least respect Malwandle. Now, Malwandle’s name is brought up for all the wrong reasons, people do not know what Malwandle lied about, but they will drag this.

All that MamKhulu mentioned was that, Malwandle had a tendency to side with Kolobe when she was with Kolobe and side with Maseko when she was with Maseko.

But that is all in the past and Malwandle is not here to tell us why she did that, she probably would have easily clarified everything. What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts. Go to for more on this.