#Umndeni Is Back At TV, But Fans Are Not Happy With MaMkhulu After Noticing This About Her

#Umndeni Is Back At TV, But Fans Are Not Happy With MaMkhulu After Noticing This About Her

#Umndeni season 7 is back in our TV. Fans and followers of the show #Umndeni has been waiting for this season. The #Umndeni is Mr. Maseko reality TV show, the show focuses on Maseko and his three wives.

Maseko is known as a reality star TV and as a sangoma. According to him, he is a Sangoma, but his wife does not believe that he has the ancestors calling. Maseko reportedly has three wives, Mahlalantabeng, Dabula and Kim, but he has not paid lobola. He has paid damages to his first wife, Mahlalantabeng, and the couple have a son together.

Mahlalantabeng is the wife of Maseko. She is known as a reality TV star from #Umndeni. In the last episode, Mzansi showed their dislike to her because of her behaviour. Mzansi has remarked that Mahlalantabeng will soon fight with Kim. This after the viewers noticed that she is trying hard to pull Kim over the table.

One thing that many followers missed was her English. According to Twitter, many people missed Dabula instead of Maseko or Mahlalantabeng. Many followers fell in love with Dabula last season because he was so tyrannical.

Kim, recently joined #Umndeni. She first appeared in season 6 in the functions of Maseko. Mahlalantabeng is the one who noticed that Kim and Maseko were turning a blind eye to each other.



We also have a new family that recently joined #Umndeni, which is the family of Mkhulu Tau. Mkhulu is also a sangoma and he is married. In the last season, Mkhulu Tau was in a relationship with Fezile, who was one of Maseko’s girlfriends. Mkhulu Tau is currently searching for information about his father, whether he was gay or straight

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