Umndeni| “I’m not scared of Maseko’s wives” Kim claims

Kim has been invited to Maseko at his event to his house. Kim is a new beautiful girlfriend of Maseko. Kim says she is here to stay at Maseko and she is not scared of Dabula and Mahlalentabeni.

She knows what she is signing up for. Kim says he met Maseko in Pretoria and from there, they have been in touch and talking everyday. Kim says that she is a kind of woman who gets what she wants. Will Maseko’s wives allow her to be part of their lives?



At this point Kim is now one of the most beautiful women that Maseko has ever been with. Maseko did not want to chase his girlfriend out of the house but his wives did after finding out that he is a girlfriend. If Dabula and Mahlalentabeni are not happy to there then why are they not leaving Maseko?